Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Support Fair Trade

This is a little off topic from anything Rock Paper Stitch related, but I was really excited about a new product I'm offering in my other shop. I make and sell weaving kits and have been wanting to expand the weaving products by offering yarn.

Recycled silk yarn in a variety of colors.

In my search for yarn I came across this company that works with co-ops that provide fair wage jobs to women in India. Not only by buying this yarn are we supporting a fair wage with no child labor, the yarns are made from recycled silk sari's and leftover fibers from the sari industry.

Recycled Silk Multicolored Yarn

I even decided to try out some banana fiber yarn which feels as soft as the silk with a lower price. There are a few other varieties of yarns I intend to carry in my shop in the future, such as silk ribbons and wools.

Banana Fiber Multicolored Yarn

I was thrilled to find we can do a big social service as well as be eco-friendly even in the yarn we choose to use. The kits will still have all of the same supplies as before. Currently I have recycled cotton or synthetic yarns made from recycled plastic in the kits for making the first project, however, now I will also include a free sample of one of the new yarns to try out. 

Stay tuned for a giveaway in the very near future for 2 balls of yarn as well as some great introductory deals.

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