Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Banners with a Theme

The banners have been especially popular this year. I only wish I had more time to make them. As of today I have two left in my shop. A couple of months ago I was given the task of making 15 banners for a custom order. I finished all of the banners and have enough leftover fabric to make another set. Below are all 15 banners. Eventually I will be making their double to sell in the shop. Until I get to that point you can browse the options here and ask for one made to order, if you want one before I list them. Head over to my profile and send me an email with the banner you would like to order.
Girl Pirates Banner
Boy Pirates Banner


Dinosaurs Banner
Bugs and Butterflies
Working on the Farm

Pajama Party Banner made with Pajama Fleece
African Safari Banner
Fairies Banner

Very Girly Banner
Modern Forest Banner
Planes, Trains and Automobiles Banner

Travel Around the World Banner
Tea Party Banner
Princes and Princesses Banner

Under the Sea Banner

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Shoe for Every Baby

Shoes are usually characterized as a women's obsession, but I have seen men just as obsessed with clean white soles and a color to match every outfit. Infants on the other hand could care less what we put on their feet. To keep our babies in line with our own shoe matching ideals here are a variety of unique soles (and un-soles) for babies.

I love Bobka Baby. I've featured another pair of her infant shoes in my winter treasury. She makes the prettiest shoes for a baptism or a wedding. She also makes shoes for adults.

Ivory Lace Baby Shoes

If you're more of the rock and roll style My Baby Rocks has the punkest kids shoes around.

Skull Flip Flops

Heart and Crossbones Flip Flops

These shoes fall in the realm of higher infant fashion. Zuzii is currently working on her new collection and only has her DIY kits available for now. I sure hope she brings back these shoes (left) because they are too cute to put that design back on the shelf. If you are into DIY these sandals (right) would be well worth the effort.

Jolie Petal Shoe
OOII DIY Fuchsia Baby Sandal

On the topic of barefoot shoes Lasunka crochets lace into beautiful footwear. Some of her designs can really dress up a basic heel. She also makes a set of hearts for babies. You get 2 sets in pink and red for a very affordable price.

Baby Heart Barefoot Sandals
Baby Heart Barefoot Sandals

Another yarn design are these hand knitted sandals found at Proud Tots

Island Girl Baby Sandals

For some really unique baby footwear try La La Shoes. Every pair is so colorful! You'll even find shoes for momma too.

Green Leaves Newborn Crib Shoes
Guppies Baby Shoes

I'd love to hear what you think. What stye of shoes are your favorite?

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