Monday, November 26, 2012

Boys Holiday Outfits 2012

Finding cute outfits for boys was a bit of a challenge. There aren't too many different styles and every outfit is a slight variation of the suit. Hopefully this list will make it a little easier to find, or put together, a stylish outfit for the little man in your life.

The suit is an easy, traditional route to take. Two classic styles below can be found at The Little King.


Vests are also very fashionable and come in many styles and colors. They look great paired with a tie or bow tie. They don't have to be too matchy, matchy either. Different pieces can be pulled together for a very fashion forward look. The first two vests can be found at La Petite Couture. The third vest is from The Little King.

La Petite Couture
La Petite Couture

Fore!! Axel & Hudson

A shirt and tie can be the easiest way to dress up a little boy. You can go classy or edgy. Both looks can be found at The Little King.

Fore!! Axel & Hudson
Deux Par Deux

If you already have a shirt and pants you can just add a tie with matching suspenders. Find holiday themed designs from the sellers noted below each photo. Some come with the suspenders sewn right onto the onesie for an easy outfit for baby boys.
Pretty Baby Accessories
The Boytique



Maggie Bogart

Cuddle Sleep Dream

So as you can see boys are relatively simple to dress and a few key pieces are all you need to keep his wardrobe looking fresh.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Girls Holiday Dresses 2012

This year Christmas fashion for little girls from infants to tween is all about sparkles, fur, ruffles and vintage inspired. I've pulled some adorable boutique looks for all budgets. Find inspiration and imagination in this season's trends.

The fanciest of girls dresses makes my inner child's heart flutter with joy. They're everything a girly girl would love to wear. All of these looks were found at Everything But the Princess. Designers are noted below each photo.


Luna Luna
Ooh! La, La! Couture

Ooh! La, La! Couture
Isobella & Chloe

Ooh! La, La! Couture

Ooh! La, La! Couture

Don't let your little one get cold with those bare arms. Furry shrugs, ruffle cardigans and fur coats will keep those little arms warm.

Baby Sara

Lemon Loves Lime



If fancy is not your thing or just doesn't fit the budget, try some modern, playful looks. I like how many of these designs can be worn after Christmas is over. There are some fabulous casual dresses available at Tea Collection. I wish I could show some of the dresses but, I have no way of getting them onto the blog. I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for more affordable, reusable dresses. The outfits below can again be found at Everything But the Princess.

Giggle Moon
Mustard Pie

Trish Scully
One Posh Kid

Lastly, if you want to stick to the handmade route (although some of the designs above may be handmade), Etsy has some very whimsical designs. (Click the captions to see each listing).

Holiday Hot Pink Dress by Simplicity Couture
Holiday Party Dress by Lottie Da Baby

Holiday Gala Party Dress by Lili Pops Designs
Girls Christmas Dress by Peepz n Pretzelz

Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

Some of you seem to think so anyway. To help those of you who are looking to get ahead on their Christmas shopping I've listed a whole line of modern and brightly colored Christmas stockings in my shop. Many are selling already so shopping early might not be a bad idea so I don't run out of your favorite style. 

I've included some of the same styles as last year and added many new styles and colors to choose from. And just like last year, personalization is included. How cool is that! Below are all of the styles to choose from. Find your favorite in the Rock Paper Stitch store.


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