Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sneak Peak: New Item!

I am so excited to bring you a completely brand new item in the Rock Paper Stitch shop.

Weaving Looms for Kids! 

My dad started designing these a few years ago, but they just didn't seem quite right to me at the time. Much of the struggle came from trying to stain the maple wood. We decided to use a non-toxic, kid-safe paint this time and the colors are dazzling. (So if your toddler starts gnawing on it, the paint won't harm them.)

I intend to create a whole line of wonderful colors. Until then we are starting with 4 colors in pink, purple, blue (not shown) and the natural finish. As far as I know, there are no wooden looms in fun colors kids like. Other looms on the market are unfinished pine or fancy cardboard looms made of plastic. 

What's even better about my looms is all of the wood we use is locally and sustainably sourced, with no toxic chemical treatments sprayed on the wood.

Each loom will come in it's own box as a kit to teach kids how to weave. Included in the box will be the handmade loom in the color of your choice, a weaving and small tapestry needle, a handmade booklet explaining how to weave and some yarn to start the first project. 

Here is an example of using yarn and fabric strips to create a piece of wall art or placemat.

Additional yarn packs will also be available. Each pack will include a coordinating mix of yarn and ribbon. Since many people send my looms as gifts to family in another part of the country, this will make it easy for gift giving. It also brings the price of the loom down, in case you want to provide your own yarn.

You will find my kids weaving kits and yarn packs in my shop in a week or two.

Wholesale Information:
In addition to selling these in my etsy shop, I am also offering these for wholesale buyers. If you are interested in wholesaling my looms you can send me an email from my profile.

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