Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Showers Turns Spring into Summer

Rainbow and Silver Cloud Dress

 As I work on my own designs for children's clothing I've been taking some time to admire all of the great designers already out there. One I'd like to feature today is Wild Things. The designer hasn't been on Etsy too long and is already making quite a stir in the children's fashion department. 

Little Mouse Dress

 The whimsical designs will appeal to any child's imagination. Where many clothes emulate adult fashions, Wild Things thinks about clothing from a child's perspective.

Fox Dress

With so many fun little creatures you'll likely find something your little one will love.

Wild Things also makes summer cotton dresses and rompers. The modern cotton prints keep with the style of an imaginative woodland scene.

Woodland Baby Romper
Woodland Friends Pinafore

Children love to pick out their own outfits. Unfortunately we as adults don't always see eye to eye with those fashion choices. Thankfully with a Wild Things dress we can all come to an agreement.

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