Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Paid to Take an Online Survey

You've seen the ads, you get the spam in your email, but this is no "make money from home" scam. Having participated in a few online survey forums I am well aware of which companies are legitimate and which ones will scam you. Today I'd like to talk about my favorite online survey company, American Consumer Opinion. Having been a member for the last 7 years I can tell you this company is the most honest one there is online. You receive real cash for the survey's you take. Most companies give you points to put towards a drawing you'll likely never win, or build up points to earn prizes. The cash payments will by no means provide you an income, not even a secondary income, but some extra cash from time to time makes it worth it. 

Another added bonus is there is a real person behind the computer screen who will answer any questions you have in a very friendly and timely fashion. Her name is Anne and she has been very helpful to me more than once.

Once you sign up you will begin to receive emails telling you to click on a link to begin a screening survey. Once finished you will be entered into a monthly drawing. I have won $5 twice from the random drawings. I have also been selected to participate in a survey to test products and discuss my opinions about certain stores or my shopping habits. If you are selected to participate this is where you can earn anywhere from $4 to more than $100.

If you really don't enjoy survey's I would not recommend joining just for the money. Most survey's if you even qualify will only earn you $4-$7. However, if you enjoy survey's as I do, earning that extra few dollars is worth it. Plus you sometimes get to keep some of the extra test product. 

I highly recommend this company over any other.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Recently Etsy removed the limit to the number of treasuries that were allowed to be created. You used to have to wait by your computer and when one became available, you had to click as quickly as possible to be sure you got it. Now with the unlimited number of treasuries allowed on the site I decided it was high time I created one. In honor of my new birthday banners I decided to stick with the party theme and created the Party!!! treasury. Here are a few of the wonderful items included in this lovely list.

Cheeky Monkey... 5 polka dot poms


Under The Big Top...Printable Personalized Birthday Party Package



For a look at the complete list of fun party items for any occasion visit the treasury here:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Happy Birthday Banners!

I know there are a lot of them on Etsy, but I'm convinced I've outdone many of the fabric banners available on there. Besides that I love my choice in fabric patterns (but what crafter wouldn't say that), the top stitching on each triangle adds to their durability. Everything is hand cut including the letters. Each letter is then sewn down, preventing them from peeling up in humid climates. Should it ever need to get washed the triangles and letters will stay in place. Plus the font choice adds character to the banner.

I am currently working on a few birthday banner designs. Each design will be versatile enough to use at both adult and children's parties. I am also happy to create a custom banner with any words or names. Some ideas include Party, Congratulations, Welcome or (Child's Name) Room.  My rate is $3 a triangle with a letter and $2 a triangle without a letter. Contact me on me on my Etsy page for more information or to set up a private listing.
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