Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Post a Link on the New Facebook Timeline

Now that Facebook has switched over every fan page to the new timeline format, it's not as obvious how to post a link without the link showing up in the status box. I decided to do a little experiment to figure out how to get a clean looking status update. I discovered it's really quite simple. (Sorry for the blurry photos. I've only done screen shots a handful of times.)

Copy and paste your link into the status box. 

When the attachment shows up highlight and delete the link.

Type in your status.

Hit post to post your status. Now you have a very clean looking status update.

And if you're not already I'd love for you join me on the Rock Paper Stitch Facebook page.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fair Trade Yarn Giveaway

Are you into yarn crafts like knitting crocheting or weaving? Over the next week you will have the chance to win luxurious fair trade yarns. 

One ball is a multicolored yarn made from banana fiber (right). It contains 80 yards of yarn. Banana fiber is a renewable resource. Not only is it eco friendly, it's vegan too. It is so soft you'd think it was silk. 

The other ball of multicolored yarn (left) is made from silk fibers left over from the sari making industry. It contains 90 yards of yarn. 

About the yarns 
They are handspun in the homes of women who live in severe poverty in India. Supporting these women allows them to provide for their family and afford to pay for an education for their children.

 You can check out all of the yarns in my shop. I am running an introductory sale while supplies. A new color is listed each day.

(Enter with the rafflecopter box below. Sometimes it takes a minute to load.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Support Fair Trade

This is a little off topic from anything Rock Paper Stitch related, but I was really excited about a new product I'm offering in my other shop. I make and sell weaving kits and have been wanting to expand the weaving products by offering yarn.

Recycled silk yarn in a variety of colors.

In my search for yarn I came across this company that works with co-ops that provide fair wage jobs to women in India. Not only by buying this yarn are we supporting a fair wage with no child labor, the yarns are made from recycled silk sari's and leftover fibers from the sari industry.

Recycled Silk Multicolored Yarn

I even decided to try out some banana fiber yarn which feels as soft as the silk with a lower price. There are a few other varieties of yarns I intend to carry in my shop in the future, such as silk ribbons and wools.

Banana Fiber Multicolored Yarn

I was thrilled to find we can do a big social service as well as be eco-friendly even in the yarn we choose to use. The kits will still have all of the same supplies as before. Currently I have recycled cotton or synthetic yarns made from recycled plastic in the kits for making the first project, however, now I will also include a free sample of one of the new yarns to try out. 

Stay tuned for a giveaway in the very near future for 2 balls of yarn as well as some great introductory deals.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Quick Little Update

I've been working on a ton of new Happy Birthday fabric banners to put up in my shop. I just finished photos today, although I may modify those some more before listing them.

In the mean time I'm continuously listing new baby bibs everyday. So far the 2 most popular choices have been my new twins set and the Easter Bunny Bib.

Can't decide on just one? Well I've got a new bulk deal available too. Buy 3, get one free. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Children's Fashion in the Works

Magic Sewing Machine Print by Slovly

 Since the start of this year I've been designing new patterns for a friend to make rain ponchos and hats for a spring line. She also requested fleece ponchos to match her hat line. Since I have no children around to model and check the fitting I was constantly having to send samples to her. So eventually I bought myself this affordable dress form that will also look good for taking photos.

In the process of making these patterns I was highly pleased with my ability to teach myself how to sew a neck placket (you know, the neck opening on a polo). It got me thinking again about sewing clothing. I've been going back and forth throughout probably most of my life thinking about starting a clothing line. It all started the day my mom got me a fashion design kit for my birthday, I think in 4th grade, which I ended up using to "design" fashions for our 5th grade newspaper.

Since I not only successfully sewed a neck placket with cotton muslin and one in the slippery material used in the rain ponchos, I decided I was ready for other sewing challenges in my life. I started my shop making items that were quick and easy to make. It's been fun making things that are so easy for me to develop and give me instant gratification, but I'm starting to get bored. 

Lately to get me inspired I've been looking at some of the cute children's outfits sold by some of the top Etsy sellers. I really love Dreamspun and Chic baby Rose most although I probably won't follow that same route. Especially since I get both companies very confused. I guess what I admire about each of them is that their photos are very dreamy yet playful.

Set of 3 Sweetheart Pettiskirts by Dreamspun
Petti Jumper by Chic Baby Rose

I think my favorite kids outfit of all time is this Jack Skellington Costume that seems to have disappeared off of Etsy. I always admired this one so I'm not sure why the seller disappeared.

Lately though my biggest inspiration has been coming from Project Run and Play. It's a kids version of Project Runway. Season 4 is starting soon so I will definitely be keeping up with that.

Since I'm in the very early stages of planning my own children's fashion line there probably won't be any kids clothing in my shop for awhile. I'm hoping to do affordable outfits for everyday wear as well as more complicated designs for costume or dress up. Mostly just to keep things interesting and to continue to challenge myself. 

In the mean time I am filling my shop up with more variety of products I already make. I've got new items to list each day so the shop will always stay fresh.
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