Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orange You Glad to See Me

Today I will share with you outfits in the color orange. This is post 2 in my rainbow series.
You can also find the color Red here.

For Girls
Linen Dress with Flower by Jack & Willa Designs

Sundress with Blue Bow by maddie, colin & riles

Little Girl's Orange Skirt by Chubby Love

Hand Painted Size 10 Shoes by Yankee Dime Art

 For Boys
Dinosaur Shirt by Jane & Joshua

Orange Chevron Jon Jon by Aunt Mon Mons'

Orange and Gray Striped Cardigan by Colby Ave

Boys Tangerine Bow Tie by Simply Shimmer


Fox Hat by Wild Things

Kids Unisex Orange Shirt by Alto Kids

Orange Moccasins for Babies and Toddlers by On Foot

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