Friday, September 9, 2011

New Views

With the house finally in some sort of order I decided today would be the day to start sewing again. I was especially desiring some sewing time after 2 weeks of unpacking and organizing. My brain just couldn't think about it anymore and my progress slowed to the point that I was barely moving a thing. It was time to focus my thoughts on something else. So I set up all of my hats and sat down to sew. That's when I realized what I was going to be looking at every day from now on. I can't believe I actually get to look at grass, trees and a river. That is Lemonweir River. I was told in winter it's really pretty because the ice sparkles.

Here is my previous view taken during a hail storm. An alley with garbage cans, power lines and garages. 

I think my new view is much more peaceful and relaxing.

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