Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Big Move

After a week without internet I am back online. I don't think we realized how much stuff we had until we had to pack it all up for a move across the state. Thank God for help from my family, especially my dad, or else I don't know how we would have done it. We worked 16 hours straight with a short break for lunch and a short break for supper. Then after the day was done my dad returned our U Haul truck 20 minutes away in the middle of the night, with another 2 hours drive home after that. I don't know how he got to work at 8 the next morning because I could hardly get out of bed at 10. 

Soon after moving we drove another 3 hours up north to a park in the middle of nowhere to attend my youngest sister's wedding. (And by the middle of nowhere I mean a 10 mile drive down an all gravel Rustic Road.) The park was beautiful and well worth the drive. Doesn't she make a beautiful bride? 

Now that we are back home we can get back to work getting our house in order. I will be shipping orders as soon as I can get my sewing room set up. I've got most of the house in order so now I can focus on my sewing room. If you ordered from me in the past week or two please be patient for just a few more days. 

As for the looms I've got a few made. I just need to get them set up and packaged into their boxes.

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