Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buy Local

In preparations for my big move I stopped at WhimsiKidz today to check on how well my headbands were selling and to drop some more things off. WhimsiKidz is a kid's only hair salon in Wauwatosa, WI that often make baby's first hair cut extra special. They get to sit and watch cartoons while the stylist cuts their hair. The little ones get to sit in their mom's lap which makes the experience much more comforting for them. While they wait the siblings get to play in the waiting area with the multitude of toys available. Besides being a hair salon they are also a store where locals often shop for baby or Christmas gifts. They carry many local handmade items including my own. Earlier this year I dropped off some of my headbands and have been pleased with the way they handle the sales so I decided to drop a few more things off. Since I am moving I decided to unload a few pillows and baby bibs. So on top of the headbands you can now view in person the star shaped pillows, heart shaped pillows and appliqued baby bibs.

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