Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving Sale

It's been an emotional roller coaster these last few months for my husband and I. Wanting to leave his old job teaching art at an inner city high school he decided to apply to every full time position in the state. After a couple interviews and mostly getting rejection letters we were beginning to feel a little discouraged. Then the news came he may not even have his old job back at his current school due to the major budget cuts to education implemented by our governor Scott Walker. Our stress hit a new level as we tried to figure out what we would do had he not been accepted to a new position.

Thankfully a couple weeks ago a school in a small town in the middle of the state asked him to drive up for an interview. I waited in the car for an hour (most teacher interviews are 20-30 minutes with a call back later for a possible 2nd interview). He was told he would get a call the week after if they were interested in hiring him. By the time we made it back home we were beginning to get word the principal was already making calls to his references. The principal was so excited about Jeff she called him the next day to tell him he was hired. She said the panel (of about 5 people) unanimously decided he was the perfect fit for their school. Jeff mentioned he felt the same way about this school on the drive home from the interview.

We've only got about a month to plan this major move before his job starts. We are looking to buy our first home so that alone is taking up much of our planning. So with that said I am going to announce a huge moving sale going on in both of my shops. I have many bulky items such as pillows and skirts that if sold would make our move that much easier. Almost everything will be marked up to 40% off. Sale runs until we move but shop early to get the best choice in styles.

Here are both of my shops:
Rock Paper Stitch
Sew Nina

*Weaving kits will remain at full price since I already offer them at the lowest possible price.

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