Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Somethings

The Cross Typography

In high school and into college I spent a lot of my social time doing church related activities. I grew up with a lot of religion, but not a lot of spirituality. The youth group I attended in high school offered the meaning in church that I lacked growing up. Whenever I visited the homes of friends who were raised in this church I always noticed how much God was a part of their lives by the bible and inspirational quotes throughout the house.

One seller on Etsy reminds me of the art displayed in these homes (as well as the love the families shared with each other). The shop is Sweet Somethings and Rebecca's specialty is typography. She will happily create a piece of wall art for you in your favorite bible quote if you don't see it in her shop.

Christian Typography Wall Art

Christian Wall Art

You can also find other art in her shop such as photographic prints. She is quite talented at her charcoal drawings and also offers custom tattoo designs.


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  1. Love all her stuff, thanks for sharing Nina!


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