Friday, November 18, 2011

Gift Guide for Men

Now that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us that means Black Friday is almost here. I will now be switching gears towards Christmas. This is the beginning of a series of posts dedicated to the people in our lives. The gift guides will help if there is a person in your life who you just don't know what gift to get them. Today's focus will be on the men



Stud Muffin Soap - Plunk Soap
Manly Man Soap Set - Rocky Top Soap Shop


Guitar Pick Necklace - Intentionally Me
Personalized Ring - Monkey's Always Look
Da Vinci Necktie - Tie Obsessed

Wild Man Bearded Hat - Breanna Gunderson
Custom City Cufflinks - The Green Daisy Shop
Chain Link Bracelet - Arctida
Bow Tie - Divine Domestication
Big and Bold Watch - Creative Urges
Fox Billfold Wallet- inblue

Ear flap Wool Hat - Yellow Stripe Lids

Techie Gadgets

8GB Flash Drive - Basement Foundry
Kindle/ Nook Book Safe - Conduit Press
Framed iPhone Dock - beeplus
Stealth Fight Watch - Ground Effect
Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet - RockitBot

The Man Cave

Man Cave Sign - Knotty Notions

Hand Printed Glasses - Vital
BMW Rotor Clock - Recycle Clocks
BEER Poster - I Screen You Screen

Buck Wall Hook - Morrell Decor

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