Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I hadn't intended to create a blog because I'm really not much of a writer but lately I've been wanting to share my new discoveries with others. I am a very frugal person and I care about the environment so in the coming days and weeks ahead I'd like to share my successes and failures as I try out new ways to help the environment and save money.

But, since I am kids store I expect to include posts about fun children's products I may come across. So before I continue let me introduce myself:

I am Rock Paper Stitch and my shop is full of unique products for kids and the home.  Please visit my shop for all of my latest offerings. I enjoy a variety of projects so its not likely you will find just one type of product in my store. Currently I am using a lot of fleece. I help my friend sew her kids hat line (which you have got to check out: Since we make so many hats there is always so much scrap material being thrown away. Being the eco-conscious person I am I started saving the extra material and came up with a few items that were cute without looking like they are made from scrap. Here are a couple of examples, my little girl's skirts and some pillows:

(Click the images above to view the items in my shop)

So that's where Rock Paper Stitch took off. I have since included headbands, baby bibs and a variety of other pillow styles. Stick around for sneak peaks and special blog reader only offerings.

Thanks for reading.

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