Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Sun Hats

Summer Adventures Art Print by Cinnamonink

Summer is in full swing and the days seem to be getting hotter. I've decided to put together a list of cute summer hats for babies after I made one for my own. You can see the hat I made in this post.

Floppy Hats
Maybe it's the hippy in me, but I've always enjoyed a cute floppy hat.

Purple Beach Hat by telepelekids

Strawberry Baby Sun Hat by Calico Caprice

Chevron Baby to Toddler Sun Hat by Aunt B's Bonnets

There are actually some really cute, modern designs out there in bonnets. I love taking something old and making it look new.

Baby Sun Hat Bonnet by Little Katy's Boutique

Rosewood Newborn Bonnet by Izzy & Isla

Raelynn Bonnet by onethirtynine: 13

I would never think of a yarn hat for summer use, but there are some cute ones that will keep the sun out just as well as a cotton or straw hat.

Baby Crochet Hat by Precious Moments Props

Summer Sun Hat by Babamoon

Baby Girl Crochet Summer Hat by Mariias

Boy's Summer Hats
Let's not forget about the boys. Trendy styles exist for them too, in both edgy and sweet.

Skull and Bones Hat by Bula Jean's Boutique

Eco Linen Boys Sun Hat with Seal by joy full things

Baby Toddler Newsboy Hat by JetsandLilys


  1. These are so adorable :) The one reminds me of the old Holly Hobbie dolls and also Little House on the Prairie :D 2 of my favorites!

  2. I love the sun hats for the little girls. The fabric is gorgeous & so is the shape of the hats. It goes without saying that the little girls are gorgeous as well.


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