Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recording Memories for Baby

With our first baby arriving in a couple months I've begun gathering all of the essential supplies needed to care for her. One item every new mom appreciates is a baby album. I've come to love the albums that read more like a journal of mom's pregnancy and baby's special memories and milestones. 

Pink Baby Book by The Sweet Rhino

Modern Baby Memory Book by Brella Baby

Orange Argyle Baby Book by Ruby Love

Forest Friends Memory Book by alabouffe

Teal Damask Memory Book by 2giggles

Purple Damask Memory Book by JaDazzles

If journaling seems too time consuming you'll still find gorgeous albums just for photos.

Custom Engraved Baby Book by lorgie and me 

Accordian Scrapbook Album by kowaikuma

Baby Brag Book by Creatively Kept

1 comment:

  1. These are some wonderful ideas and I hope you get them done :) I wanted so badly to do one for my daughter but she was so sick when she was born and we found out she had a syndrome so I never got the chance to get it done :(


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