Friday, May 11, 2012

Not Just Another TuTu

Octopus Leotard Tutu

Every little girl seems to own a tutu these days. I don't normally get excited over something everyone else is dressing their girls in, however, I thought these deserved a mention. Marie from Whimsy Ranch has been designing tutus since probably just before they started getting trendy. What sets her apart from the other tutu makers is that her skirts are attached to a leotard adorned with cute little animals, flowers and popular characters. They will likely appeal to both the girly girl and the tom boy.

My favorite is the octopus one above, but with so many designs to choose from one is sure to pop out at you. 

Purrfect Kitty Leotard Tutu
Birdie and Ladybug Leotard Tutu

Don't care for the tutu but like the leotard? She makes those too.

Ladybug and Flowers Leotard
Penguin Leotard
Kitty Cat Leotard

And of course clothing.

Puppy Dog Dress
Sparkle Fish T-Shirt
Blue Pig Onesie

 You can find all of these items at Whimsy Ranch's Etsy shop.

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