Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

As an organic food advocate I was thrilled to find art relating to the causes I support. Joe Wirtheim's inspiration comes from WWII posters and the 1939 Worlds Fair "World of Tomorrow" theme. I find his work to give a very power to the people kind of message. We don't have to be reliant on industry and government. We can all grow our own food or support the small farmers who humanely raise animals and grow without adding more toxins to our environment.

He also does commissioned work for city programs and seed companies.

 I love so many of his posters I really can't decide which one to get. Someday I will be buying a farm and these posters will look great in my new farmhouse.

You can find all of his posters as well as t-shirts and limited edition screen prints at his website Victory Garden of Tomorrow.

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